"Ave a go ya bloody mug"
tell that wanker to get stuffed !
hey tru blu !

don't be a dick head !

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i luv ya babe with all me art

G'day buddy - Well bugger me, you found us.
  • Me and me mates put this web site together cause we thought that we'd show ya the real AUSTRALIA. Ya see we don't all wrestle crocodiles - and none of us drink Fosters!

  • If there are any strange Australian words (slang) you do not understand please have a squizz in our AussieYobbo Dictionary. It's the perfect travel companion.

  • Like to live in Australia? It's easy, just fill out the application form.

  • Why do you always feel smarter after a few beers ? Click here.

  • Wanna learn how to pick up Aussie chicks? Then click here.

  • For the latest in remote control units when you don't want to leave the couch. click here.

  • Newsflash : Looking at womens breasts, could add years to a man's life. more information.


    We spend all income on beer, rendering this an insecure site - most unlike an Australian politician's superannuation. We also hardly ever update this website but don't really care so don't come back if you don't want to because we couldn't give a toss - you are a wanker for reading all this fineprint and getting all the way to here. If you go any further, you are a complete dickhead. Ok, so you are a complete dickhead - please, leave me alone or I'll have to keep typing this shite.

    watch out or I'll drop ya !